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Medium-term Management Plan

Basic Policy and Growth Strategy FY2022–FY2024

Basic policy

・Grow our mainstay Gyomu Super Business by enhancing private label products.

・Grow the delicatessen business in response to changes in Japan's social and economic circumstances, represented by a lower birthrate and aging population, and the promotion of women’s participation in the workplace.

・Grow the restaurant business to meet the diversified food needs.

・Promote social contribution activities and eco-friendly businesses through food.

・Improve productivity by enhancing employee satisfaction as well as focusing on securing and developing talented personnel.

・Strive to increase the corporate value by strengthening initiatives for ESG issues and SDGs.

Key issues and measures

・Continue the growth of Gyomu Super's same-store sales and increase the number of the stores.

・Increase sales and profits of our group’s plants as well as expand the line-up of private label products by actively pursuing M&A opportunities and making capital investments in the plants to strengthen "Integrated Food Production & Distribution Operations."

・Strengthen development of imported products adhering to the concept, "the flavors of the world, to Japan."

・Promote to enhance store operations efficiency driven by new initiatives including in-store digital transformation (DX).

・Provide our products to more customers by creating new markets through the expansion of sales channels.

・Step up efforts to provide customers with safe and reliable food products by further enhancing quality control systems.

・Enhance halal products further to respond to various needs and issues which come from different food cultures.

・Differentiate the Restaurant & Delicatessen Business from competitors and expand it by further improving operations efficiency and developing unique products with competitive advantage through "Integrated Food Production & Distribution Operations."

・Promote the enhancement of our governance system through appropriate business execution and more stringent supervisory function.

・Consistently donate food to people who need support.

・Promote sustainable management by striving to use renewable energy and reduce food losses and packaging materials.

・Strive to attract and secure talented individuals by proactively disclosing information in our recruiting activities.

・Develop a system that enables employees to grow in pace with the Company's growth by strengthening personnel development.

Consolidated numerical targets

  FY2021(Actual) FY2024(Target)
Net sales \362,064 million \410,000 million
Operating profit \27,311 million \32,000 million
ROE 29.2% 20% or higher for
each fiscal year of the plan

The forward-looking statements contained in this material are estimated based on information available to us at the time of this announcement. Accordingly, actual measures and results may differ significantly from the results anticipated in these forward-looking statements due to a variety of factors.