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Wholesale & Retail Business

Store Design &

in a targeted and efficient way

Our wholesale and retail business designs and operates our stores in a targeted and efficient way for each store.
This enables us to offer a large variety of high-quality exclusive products, including safe and reliable products manufactured by our group plants in Japan, as well as our imported goods supplied from all around the world by our direct order.

Gyomu Super

Based on the Integrated Food Production and Distribution Operations, Kobe Bussan Group offers a wide range of food products exclusively available at Gyomu Super stores. Taking our full advantage of operating over 1,000 stores nationwide, we import a large number of products all at once to offer them at the best prices for Authentic Food Products from around the world.

The concept of Every Day Low Prices eliminates the need for different special discounts for each day of the week and heavy sales promotions.

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Total Number of Gyomu Super Stores

Annual Net Sales of Gyomu Super Stores
(in 100 Million Yen)

To reduce the workload of stocking shelves, we install our own designed freezers with functional storage.

Gyomu Super stores offer a wide selection of Halal food products.

Gyomu Super stores are located throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
*As of April 2024

We offer a wide range of private label products to better meet
our customers' needs.

We supply authentic food products imported directly from overseas manufacturers located in about 50 countries.