Report on Donation

A donation to Musubie,
a nonprofit corporation amounted to 3,754,928 yen.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to many customers participating in the project and our franchisees.
We continue to support children’s cafeterias to hope with our customers for the healthy growth of children and the revitalization and sustainable development of local communities.

Project Details
We launched "Let's support Children's Cafeterias with Eco-Bags Project" at Gyomu Super stores nationwide and donated 7.5 yen for each reusable bag* sold to children’s cafeterias throughout Japan.

Period: From February 2021 to May 2022
Product for the project: foldable shopping bag
*It was sold from Kobe Bussan to Gyomu Super stores.

[Product]Folding Eco-bag

Donation amount:
3,754,928 yen (500,657 bags sold)

the NPO National Children’s Cafeteria Support Center, Musubie

Our donation was offered to 80 children’s cafeterias nationwide through Musubie after careful consideration.

What is a children’s cafeteria?

A children’s cafeteria is a cafeteria offering free or low-cost meals where children can go alone with peace of mind.
There are currently more than 6,000 children’s cafeterias all over Japan, offering various activities such as providing meals, preventing children from eating alone, engaging in nutrition education activities, and creating a place for relationships with locals.
It has become a special place gathering both children and adults in the community.

Photos by courtesy of NPO National Children’s Cafeteria Support Center, Musubie

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