• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As we are living in a digital era, Kobe Bussan Co., Ltd. and its affiliate companies (collectively "Kobe Bussan Group," including those listed in the section 5. (2) below) are fully aware of the importance of "Protecting and Handling Personal Information" provided to us. We are committed to maintaining the security of all Personal Information provided to us as set out in our Privacy Policy below.

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Kobe Bussan Group complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan and other applicable laws and regulations regarding our use of personal information.

2. Security Control Measures

Kobe Bussan Group takes appropriate Security Control Measures (including physical, technical, and administrative measures) to help safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, modification, leakage, etc. It also takes appropriate human-based security control measures for personal information such as providing education and awareness-raising training on personal information protection for all board members and employees who deal with personal information.

3. Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

Except as provided below, Kobe Bussan Group will not disclose your personal data to any third party other than our authorized partners without your prior permission:

  1. (1)where required by law,
  2. (2)where it is necessary to protect the lives, bodies and properties of individuals in situations where we are unable to obtain your prior express consent,
  3. (3)where it is reasonably necessary to prevent a threat to public health or to provide a sound education for children, in situations where we are unable to obtain your prior express consent, and
  4. (4)when we are required to cooperate with a government agency, public authorities or other institution in the execution of matters prescribed by law, and obtaining your consent may interfere with execution of such matters.

    Notwithstanding the above, Kobe Bussan Group may disclose your personal data to our business partners (such as our franchise stores, product and raw material suppliers, store furniture and equipment manufacturers, maintenance agents, etc.) in order for them to independently provide the most appropriate response to your inquiry. Where such a disclosure is made, Kobe Bussan Group considers that you consent to the use and disclosure of your personal data provided to us for the purposes described in this Policy.

4. Personal Information Handling Practices

Kobe Bussan Group will not collect personal information by unlawful or unfair means. It will explicitly specify the purposes of collecting personal information to the best possible extent. Except where required by law, it will use your personal information with your prior consent, only within the scope of intended purposes. The followings are specific purposes that Kobe Bussan Group collects personal information:

  • (1)Personal Information of Customers:

    1. (a) To respond to inquiries from customers on the products which a customer has purchased
    2. (b) To offer and provide our products to customers (e.g. delivering products purchased from our online shop and managing customer relationship)
    3. (c) To operate membership system for customer management
    4. (d) To deliver our e-newsletters and e-notices
    5. (e) To provide reward points, coupons, or other benefits
    6. (f) To introduce, advertise, market, and endorse the products (including in-store promotions) of Kobe Bussan Group
    7. (g) To plan a promotional campaign and conduct a questionnaire survey (including in-store promotions)
    8. (h) To complete payment transactions, where sensitive financial information (such as credit card number and expiry date) is provided to us
    9. (i) To manage customer surveys and questionnaires
    10. (j) To review conversations with customers and to prevent or detect a crime by means of recording telephone conversations with customers and placing surveillance video cameras in our retail stores
    11. (k) To provide other contents related to the products and activities provided by Kobe Bussan Group

  • (2)Personal Information of Business Contacts:

    1. (a)To handle correspondences and inquiries on business issues, and to maintain mutual responsibility and commitment including the conclusion of business contracts
    2. (b)To verify an individual's identity for maintaining order in premises and protecting assets and business confidentiality, where a person enters onto the premises of Kobe Bussan Group
    3. (c)To comply with legal obligations and regulatory requirements

  • (3)Personal Information of Shareholders:

    1. (a)To exercise the legal rights of and fulfill obligations towards shareholders under Japanese corporate law
    2. (b)To hold shareholders' meetings, and to keep accurate records of such meetings
    3. (c)To provide various conveniences for the shareholders positions from the issuing company
    4. (d)To ensure information management including data creation in accordance with applicable laws

  • (4)Personal Information of Job Applicants and Retired/Separated Employees:

    1. (a)To contact with or provide necessary information to job applicants, or to conduct research relating to our recruitment activities
    2. (b)To contact with or provide necessary information to retired or separated employees

5. Shared Use of Personal Information

Kobe Bussan Group may share your personal information with our affiliate companies in the ways that are described below. In all such cases, Kobe Bussan Group takes appropriate measures to protect your personal information.

  • (1)Personal information to be shared:

    • Name, address, birthday, gender, phone number, e-mail address, and any other information provided to us

  • (2)Our affiliate companies with which we share your personal information:

    • Kobe Bussan Foods Co., Ltd.
      Ostern Foods Co., Ltd.
      Termeltfoods Co., Ltd.
      Kobe Bussan Eco Green Hokkaido Co., Ltd.
      Hata Foods Co., Ltd.
      Masuzen Co., Ltd.
      Nikunotaiko Co., Ltd.
      Miyagiseifun Co., Ltd.
      Mugipankoubou Co., Ltd.
      Green Poultry Co., Ltd.
      Coffee Mame Koubou Co., Ltd.
      Toyota Nyugyou Co., Ltd.
      Sekihara Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
      Kikukawa Co., Ltd.
      Asabikiwakadori Co., Ltd.

  • (3)Purposes of sharing your personal information:

    1. (a)To conduct market researches and data analysis to innovate and develop new products and services
    2. (b)To introduce our products and services via direct mail or other channels
    3. (c)To transfer and route your inquiry on our products/services to a responsible representative of our affiliate company
    4. (d)To communicate with our customers in an effective and smooth manner

  • (4)Responsible company for the shared use of personal information:

6. Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management Systems

In order to enhance the protection of personal information, we undertake regular reviews and strive to continually improve our personal information protection management systems.

7. Use of Cookies

Some of our web pages (at https://www.kobebussan.co.jp/english/) use a technology called "Cookies" to provide an enhanced customer service experience. Cookies are messages that Web servers pass to your Web browser when you visit Internet sites. These cookies do not collect any personal information. You can prevent cookies from being stored via the corresponding setting in your browser; however, please be aware that you may not be able to experience the full features of our website.

8. Inquiry on Personal Information

If you have any questions about our policy on personal information protection, please email us through the Contact Us form.