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We're trying to solve global problems by reducing plastic waste and food loss and working on clean energy projects. We will keep considering environmental impact reduction and environmental preservation to build a sustainable society while utilizing limited resources more effectively to create more value.

Supplying Clean Energy

*As of January 2023

Kobe Bussan Group is engaged in solar power generation and woody biomass power generation using woody biomass as fuel. Our solar power generation business generates approximately 51.0 MW at 18 power plants nationwide, while the woody biomass business generates approximately 6.2 MW in Shiranuka-cho, Shiranuka-gun, Hokkaido. We will continue to aim for stabilizing the energy supply through the power generation business using renewable energy.

Eco Renewable Energy Business

Eco-friendly Initiatives

As a company placing food at the core of its business, we are also working to address the issues of plastic waste and reduce food loss.

Distributing free eco-bags

*As of January 2023

We created Gyomu Super’s original eco-bags in response to global warming and plastic waste issues. Since around 2003, we have distributed more than 13 million free bags mainly at the opening of new Gyomu Super stores.

Reducing Food Loss

Aiming to reduce food loss, since 2018 we've been donating to food banks our products that have no quality problems but cannot be distributed in the general market due to poor printing or other reasons. The products are delivered by the food bank associations to charities and organizations that support those in need.

Installing Recycling Bins

Now, we're setting up recycling bins at the entrance of each Gyomu Super store to collect plastic bottles and other resources. We make better use of limited resources and reduce environmental impact to contribute to developing a sustainable society.

Natural Refrigerant Freezing Equipment

For over 10 years, we have been using natural refrigerant freezing equipment in our own logistics center in Kansai to consider the environment.
Future replacements of our equipment are also planned to adopt natural refrigerant freezing systems for all main equipment.
We continue to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions by installing indirectly freezing machines, which prevent the ozone layer depletion and cool CO2 by using ammonia as a natural refrigerant with little impact on global warming.

Climate Change Initiatives: TCFD

We recognize that addressing climate change is essential to the sustainable development of society. To help to realize a decarbonized society, we're actively installing equipment that saves energy or uses renewable energies and disclosing information about our climate change issues in line with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).