• Sustainability|Governance


To sustain sound development as a company while contributing to realizing a sustainable society, we have been striving to enhance our governance. Specifically, we have set up the Compliance Committee, the Sustainability Committee, etc. and in January 2022 transitioned to a company with the Audit and Supervisory Committee from a company with Board of Company Auditors. We have worked on efforts such as the further enhancing the Corporate Governance to strengthen the audit and supervisory functions of the Board of Directors and to expedite decision-making on business execution.


We have worked to enhance our compliance system by establishing the Compliance Committee so that all board members and employees can carry out their tasks properly in compliance with a variety of laws and public systems.

〈Selected initiatives〉

  • ・Establishment of the Compliance Committee (meeting once a month)
  • ・Training programs/seminars to raise awareness of compliance among employees
  • ・Establishment of the system to share past problem cases, which is aimed at preventing issues from occurring
  • ・Establishment of an internal consultation desk which employees can consult or report issues to
  • ・Development and implementation of a range of rules, such as "Basic Principles on Protection of Personal Information"

Quality Control

Kobe Bussan Group has set out "Kobe Bussan Group Quality Policy," a norm shared across the Group. In addition, we established the Quality Assurance Department in April 2015, and has inspected our products independently to ensure the safety and quality of them. Specifically, we pick the products randomly from all of our containers entering a port to make inspections such as bacteriological and physico-chemical testing and sensory testing. Based on our own strict internal standards, which go beyond just legal compliance, we endeavor to implement quality control thoroughly in the all processes from raw material procurement to manufacturing, distribution, and sales to deliver safe and high-quality products.
We have also built a system that reflects our customer feedback, which enables us to examine the products based on the details sent to our customer service from customers.

Kobe Bussan Group Quality Policy