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Eco Renewable Energy Business

Renewable Power
Generation Business

to contribute to eco-friendly
energy supply

We operate our renewable power generation business to deliver safe, reliable and environmentally sustainable energy.
Currently, we generate electricity at our own solar and woody biomass power plants in various regions of Japan.

Solar Power Generation

As a new initiative, we launched a solar power generation business in November 2012 to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions and ensuring our future energy supply.
We have built remote monitoring systems into all solar power plants, enabling to minimize power generation loss caused by equipment failure and aging of solar cells that occur normally in solar power plants.

*This information is accurate as of October 31, 2022.

Annual Net Sales of Solar Power Plants
(Unit: 100 Million Yen)

Woody Biomass Power Generation

We operate a woody biomass power plant in Shiranuka-cho, Hokkaido, Japan. The plant generates approximately 6.2 MW of electricity by burning wood chips produced from forest thinning as its primary fuel.
The CO2 emitted from burning organic wood chips is absorbed by trees through photosynthesis in the process of their growth, which creates a complete zero-waste energy solution. Through this business activity, we aim to create regional employment opportunities, revitalize the forestry industry, and secure the stable supply of energy resources.